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4.7 /5
4.73 / 5 Stars from 690 Reviews.
Alfred is a leading cloud-based LinkedIn automation tool with a CRM for B2B sales, helping you drive more meetings, sales, and profits on autopilot!
4.8 /5
4.84 / 5 Stars from 100 Reviews.
Instantly helps you scale your cold outreach campaigns with unlimited email accounts, smart AI, and expert-level optimization – all for one flat-fee subscription!
5 /5
5 / 5 Stars from 7 Reviews.
Supercharge your sales outreach with Super Send: Automate email, Linkedin and Twitter campaigns with email warmup, AI writer, unified inbox, and more!
4.7 /5
4.73 / 5 Stars from 5,340 Reviews.
With, you can discover, connect, and close more customers with their all-in-one sales intelligence platform!
4.7 /5
4.65 / 5 Stars from 650 Reviews.
Saleshandy is the ultimate cold email tool to help you scale your outbound campaigns with maximum deliverability, increased domain reputation, more replies, and high ROI – all with a few clicks!

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